Why I’m Starting A New YouTube Channel: SocialMerk

I’m so excited to announce that I’m starting a new YouTube Channel with my childhood best friend called SocialMerk!

By now, you guys should know exactly who Jen Halper is.

She’s not only my childhood best friend; she is an exceptional social worker with a passion for helping others.

For years, Jen and I have wanted to start a passion project together.

Thus was born, SocialMerk: best friends working in social MEdia and social woRK on a mission to empower individuals to live an authentically happy and healthy life.

Launching a YouTube Channel:

Given my passion for social media, it only made sense to launch this project as a YouTube channel!

Obviously, we have an Instagram account too. (duh) 

Our goal in creating SocialMerk is to have a platform where we can share our experiences and perspectives. 

Given our respective expertise in the world of both social media and social work, we know that we have a lot to share.

We want to:

  • have meaningful conversations with you about mental illness
  • provide information and resources for those living with anxiety and depression
  • help reduce the stigma associated with mental illness by sharing our personal stories
  • discuss what it’s like to live and work in a world that is so dominated by technology
  • encourage you to start meaningful conversations like these with your support network

Our goal is to start a dialogue that helps to stop the stigma associated with mental illness and create connections. 

We’re going to be creating a ton of videos – sharing quotes, resources, stories and more in the upcoming months!

We believe that by showing up as our true, authentic selves and sharing our stories, we can create a connection with YOU.

We’ve already started to record video content, so be sure that you’re subscribed!

We strongly believe that by sharing our passions and perspectives, we can help each other live happier and healthier lives. 

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