Be The Fifth Hammer

If you didn’t already hear, Bravery Beats is in business.

We’re a small team on a mission to help businesses stand out and make noise on social media.

(If you don’t understand what that means, you should probably check out our story.)

To kick off the new year, and introduce you to the Bravery Beats brand, I decided to reach out to a few businesses and individuals that I feel truly exemplify our values.

I want you to get to know our brand by meeting (as Seth Godin would say,) “people like us.”

People like us do things like this; they start businesses and take risks.

Leaving my job in September 2015 to start a business was the bravest thing I’ve done so far. It’s also one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

I feel more alive and excited by life than I have ever felt.

I want you to feel that.

I want you to jump out of bed every day. (Okay, maybe every day is a little much… but most days.) 

So, in reality, this campaign is super selfish. I’m doing this for personal gain.

I’m out to feed my passion for connecting with, promoting, and/or inspiring individuals with bravery and confidence.

My goal?

To introduce you to some of these incredible, humble, charismatic souls.

…and to have these people inspire you with courage to take a serious leap this year.

Honestly, I want 2016 to be the year that you do something you never thought you’d have the balls to do.

And when you do it, I want you to share it with me online.

Use the hashtag #BeTheFifthHammer and be a part of the movement. 

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