How To Become More Self-Aware

If you know me well, you know that I fully believe that self-awareness is the shit.

I think that self-awareness is the most important and worthwhile skill to cultivate. It’s the belief that drives me to show up every single day, and it’s an area that I feel strongly about helping others with.

I light up when I can help someone become more in touch with themselves.

To help you learn how to become more self-aware, I wanted to share a simple exercise with you!

Building Self-Awareness:

Building self-awareness isn’t easy; it takes practice but it’s extremely worthwhile.

The more we understand ourselves, and the more tapped into our self-talk and mental chatter, the better we’re able to show up. The more self-awareness we have, the easier it is to tap into what makes us unique.

I love to help people discover their “Special Sauce” aka the thing that makes you, YOU!

Doing that is how we are able to truly shine both on and offline.

Here are 10 questions I love to ask people to help create self-awareness:

  1. What makes you laugh?
  2. WHY does it make you laugh?
  3. What is something that when you do it, you don’t even notice the passing of time?
  4. What’s something that really gets under your skin and annoys you?
  5. What did you love doing as a kid? (Bonus: WHY did you love doing it?)
  6. What is ONE word that you think the 5 closest people to you would use to describe you?
  7. If you were a color, what color would you be?
  8. What are the values that you hold most closely? What truly matters to you?
  9. What is a topic that you could spend all day talking to someone else about? (BONUS: could you teach it?)
  10. WHY do you enjoy whatever your favorite hobby is? (BONUS: explain less about the hobby itself and more about WHY you enjoy it.)

Tapping into the WHY behind these questions will serve as such a strong self-discovery practice.

I’ll go first:

  • When I create content or videos, I don’t even realize the passing of time.
  • As a kid, I loved to make home videos with my friends and make fake episodes of MTV Cribs. It was fun because it felt like we were getting to use our creativity and let our personalities shine. We always ended up laughing when making these videos.
  • One word people would use to describe me: energetic. Bonus word: honest.
  • If I were a color, I would be taxi cab yellow. Bright and bubbly, baby.

Now, it’s your turn! SHARE just ONE answer to these 10 questions in the comments and let’s start to get to know each other better!

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