3 Ways To Step Into Your Power

It’s one thing to talk about stepping into your power but it’s an entirely different thing to actually do it.

My passion for self awareness and self love has led me to read dozens of self-help books. Not to mention, spending 10+ years in cognitive behavioral therapy has taught me a thing or two. 😉

That’s why I wanted to share 3 ways to step into your power:

Dance Party:

If you know me well, this one shouldn’t come as a surprise. I’m a big fan of the dance party. I fully believe that moving our bodies – especially through dance – is one of the best ways to tap into our body and our fun, childlike energy.

Dancing helps us to re-connect to our physicality and spark joy. It feels good to put on your favorite song and groove, so the next time you feel yourself in need of a pick-me-up, try this one!

Phone A Friend:

Our people are “our people” for a reason — because they help remind us of how amazing we are in the moments that we seem to forget it. Calling a friend is an amazing way to step into your power because a friend can help you see yourself in ways that you can’t.

One of the most powerful ways to connect to someone is to pick up the phone, make yourself vulnerable and share how you’re feeling with someone who loves you.

Not to mention, our people can help to shift our perspective about things. This helps us to feel more knowledgable, understanding and powerful.


Seriously, a simple smile carries power. Look in the mirror and smile at yourself.

Holding your own eye contact in the mirror can be an incredible exercise in stepping into your power.

Try to hold your own gaze for 2-5 minutes and keep smiling. I promise that doing this will help shift your mood and make you feel happier.

Putting It All Together:

Some days, it will feel hard to motivate yourself to do these things in order to step into your power. Other days will feel easier. At the end of the day though, what matters most is the effort you take.

Showing up for yourself is an act of self-love. Every single time you take action to shift your mood, you build confidence.

Every single day that you make an effort to feel like the powerful and incredibly unique human being that you are is a day that you can feel proud of.

Nobody is more deserving of the effort than you.

Don’t forget it.

Stay brave and beautiful,


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