3 Ways To Create A Life That You Love

One thing that everyone can relate to is the desire to create a life that you love.
Regardless of your specific values, priorities and goals, all human beings strive to create an extraordinary quality of life. However, where we differ is in what that looks like.
(This is an amazing TEDtalk about the topic of creating the life of our dreams.)
For some, an extraordinary quality of life means having a lot of money in savings.
For some, it means having a fancy car or a corner office.
For some, it means having a steady and stable job.
For some, it means having a family that they love.
For some, it looks like a quiet and peaceful home.
For some, it looks like going to therapy and working on oneself.
As human beings we all naturally gravitate towards a desire for freedom and autonomy. We all want to live life on our terms.
Because I have a passion for helping others, I figured why not share some tidbits that
Here are 3 ways to create a life that you love:
  1. Focus: Where attention goes, energy flows. When you focus on what matters most to you, you end up taking steps towards that thing. You start the momentum that will help to get you there. That’s why people strongly recommend writing down your goals; because the act of writing them down and getting clear on them helps prompt our brains on what action steps will be required to get there.
  2. Be Consistent: Once you’re clear on what truly matters to you, it’s time to take action. Dreaming isn’t enough. The next step to living a life on your terms is to show up, consistently, to act in ways that are aligned towards your goal. You need to take massive action and find which actions truly work! It’s proven that PROGRESS is one of the biggest producers of happiness. Even TAKING ACTION towards a goal – without even achieving it – brings us joy. Being consistent builds our confidence and creates that momentum that we need to keep going even when things get hard.
  3. Grace: The more you acknowledge the grace in your life, the more of it you create. There’s a lot of things that happen that help move you towards your goals that you actually have no control over. Taking time to appreciate that luck, and feel into it, helps prime your energy to truly feel deserving of accomplishing your goal.
What do you think!? What does it look like to you to create a life that you love? 
Share something that you value in your life and let’s spark a meaningful conversation in the comments.

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