3 tips to feel confident asking for a raise

There’s no doubt that asking for a raise can be awkward.

As a young professional, regardless of your experience, you are still new to the workforce and asking for a raise is a new experience.

No one wants to feel unprepared for a meeting as important as your performance review (which is typically where you’d ask for a raise.)

But sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, and what to do.

I have three tips that can help you overcome the fear and feel prepared when broaching the topic of asking for a raise at your next review:

  1. Document your wins: keep a list of your notable accomplishments throughout the year. Did you hit a sales goal? Did you contribute a new idea? Did you implement a new program? Write it down, and quantify your results whenever possible. When you have your review meeting, bring the list of accomplishments so that you have them to draw on as reasons to support your request for a raise or promotion.
  2. Think about the company: When making the list, and working day-to-day, don’t just think about yourself. Think about the overall organization. I happen to be a cost conscious individual – not just for myself but for my employers. I try to save money wherever I can and when I’m successful, I make mark of it and my superiors appreciate it. Thinking outside of the box for ways to help your organization make better use of its resources is a valuable skill and quality.  Plus, it’s easier to ask for more money when you know you’ve helped save it.
  3. Put it in writing: I don’t say this with cynicism, but it can’t hurt to put everything in writing. I’ve found that sometimes you can’t solely rely on a spoken conversation. Type up a memo to bring with you when you ask for the raise, and send a confirmation email to your boss after the meeting. Things can get busy, people forget and sometimes people go back on their work; it’s always helpful to have documentation.

While I can’t guarantee that these three things alone will get you a raise, I do think that they’ll be tremendously helpful in giving you the confidence you need to ask for a raise!

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