How To Effectively Navigate Your Emotions: Part 1

Do you struggle to navigate your emotions? Do you sometimes feel like your feelings aren’t valid?

The first thing to know is that your feelings are never wrong.

You are entitled to feel however it is that you feel.

Whether you’re experiencing sadness, happiness, anger or frustration, you are entitled to your feeling.

How you navigate your emotions is extremely important because if you aren’t thoughtful, you can get into trouble.

Practicing open communication:

While Jen and I are huge fans of open communication, the way that we express our feelings can sometimes be overly aggressive or emotional.

When you’re someone that feels things intensely, sometimes you can come across as too high-strung.

It’s important to not let our emotions get in the way so that we can be more mindful.

Practicing mindfulness is important when it comes to communication. You want to think before you speak. 

You want to respond rather than react.

Emotional energy is tangible; your emotions are felt by those around you.

How you communicate those emotions is extremely important because sometimes you do more harm than help.

It’s about learning how to put a pause between the event and the action. 

Sometimes, it’s better to wait and think it through before you respond.

You never want to come across as hostile or attacking someone for feeling how they feel.

You don’t want your negative emotions to spill over and bleed into other people’s space because that creates conflict.

If you want to improve your relationships and continue to create a safe space for yourself and your loved ones, you need to practice mindfulness with your communication. 

Insert that pause so that you can think before you respond. This will create better outcomes every single time.

It can be difficult to navigate your emotions, but practicing intentionality is one of the biggest things you can do to help yourself grow in this area!

What do you think?

Share the activities you are doing as part of your self-growth work in the comments below!

Stay tuned for next week where I’m sharing Part 2 of this topic and telling a specific story behind when I failed to effectively navigate and communicate my emotions! 

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