A pre-Ruckusmakers lesson

Yesterday’s logistical nightmare ended up being a great way for me to kick off Ruckusmakers weekend because it presented a challenge.

For years, I’ve been working on becoming better at embracing change – especially when it serves to disrupt my plans. 

Nothing went according to plan yesterday and that was a real test of my adaptability.

According to my standards, I failed. I spent too much time feeling stressed and frustrated over circumstances that I couldn’t control. The weather, which caused my flight to be canceled, was out of my control. 

The only thing that was in my control was my reaction to the cancellation and my plan of action moving forward. So, after hours on the phone with Jetblue, I booked a ticket on the Amtrak and am slowly making my way to NYC. 

I’m operating on a few hours of sleep, and won’t get to see both of my parents as originally planned, but I couldn’t be more excited. 


Because one of the things I’ve learned from Seth Godin is to not be afraid of failure. 

Instead of beating myself up today over my failed attempt to not stress over circumstances outside of my control, I’m operating from a place of positivity – of knowing that personal growth takes time. 

I look forward to the opportunity to discuss failure this weekend with my fellow Ruckusmakers, and am eager to hear different perspectives on how to turn failure into an opportunity for growth or improvement. 

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