Acceptance vs approval

My oldest friend recently shared some great insight with me: acceptance does not equal approval.

It’s a simple saying that applies to almost every facet of life and since carrying the mantra with me, I’ve been a truly happier person.

Oftentimes, our friends or family will make decisions that we don’t necessarily agree with. Sometimes those decisions end up negatively impacting our lives, resulting in a situation that is out of our ability to control.

Processed with MoldivDuring those times, it’s important to remind yourself: acceptance doesn’t equal approval.

We have to accept people, especially our family, for who they are – strengths, insecurities, quirks and weaknesses.

We have to accept circumstances, especially ones out of our control, for what they are – crappy, uncomfortable, wonderful, or just mediocre.

Making the decision to accept things as they are doesn’t mean you approve of them.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite – it shows a willingness to surrender to the universe and come to peace with circumstances that are outside of our control.

Acceptance doesn’t represent approval, it represents maturity and wisdom.

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