How To Be Authentic: Stop People-Pleasing

Do you want to be more authentic online? Do you have people-pleasing tendencies?

…Yea, it’s not easy to do both.

If you want to be more authentic, you’ve gotta stop people-pleasing. 

Authenticity means operating from your true self; it means there’s no act.

People-pleasing is a different way of operating; it means you’re trying to make others happy.

How to operate authentically:

Authenticity isn’t easy; it takes bravery.

If you want to be authentic, you have to be bold.

You can’t worry what others think – and that goes against the tendency of being a people-pleaser.

If there’s one piece of feedback that I’ve gotten most often, it is “the way you are in person is just like how you are online!”

…and that’s my goal.

My goal is to show up online as my true self. 

When you see my excitement on Instagram or my sadness on Snapchat, you can guarantee that it’s real.

My goal is not to create content just for you.

My goal is not to just please all of my followers.

If you focus just on people-pleasing, you’re going to miss opportunities to make yourself happy.

If you focus on being yourself, you have the opportunity to create a real connection.

The reason why I’m authentic online is that my goal is to connect to YOU!

If you want to create a closer connection with your audience online, I encourage you to be yourself.

Don’t shy away from sharing the behind-the-scenes, humanizing content that shows more of your personality and values. 

It’s not easy to be authentic because sometimes it means going against what others want you to do.

But yunno what? I think it’s worth it.

It’s always worth it to be true to yourself.

What do you think? Do you think you can be authentic AND be a people-pleaser? 

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