Be the difference

“You got to make the decision to be the one difference in your life and turn it around.” – Angel Haze

No lyrical line has ever resonated as strongly with me.

It seems that I found Angel Haze at exactly the right time, as I have been growing tired of artists who don’t write their own lyrics, or write nonsensical lyrics that thousands of people sing along to without a second thought.

To me, the lyric above means that you have to take control of your own life.

For example, if you’re unhappy, you have the power to decide to change the parts of your life that are contributing to that unhappiness.

If you’re walking down a bad path, you have the option to change your group of friends and surround yourself with people that have a positive influence on your attitude and your decisions.

If you’re feeling lonely, you have the ability to find people that make you feel connected and part of something bigger than yourself.

You have to be the difference in your life.

I can’t describe how empowering it feels to let go — to make peace with and accept people for who they are and realize, as sad as it may be, your life is better off without them.

You’re the only one that you can count on to prioritize your health and happiness, so stop being a passerby and take control.

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