I got an email last week from an old friend that I hadn’t heard from in 2-3 years.

It was amazing to reconnect and attempt to catch up on everything that had happened to/for each of us since we had last spoken.

The interaction filled me with gratitude and lightness; it brought me back to the summer we shared together ten years ago.

“Connecting with old friends gives us life in the times we need it most,” said my grandma when I told her.

There are few things that I find more fulfilling than making connections.

I think that is why Ruckusmakers was such a transformational experience; because I connected with 79 strangers that now feel as close as family.

smiles at sethConnecting with others – be they friends, family or even strangers – fills my heart.

Connecting with others makes me feel like I am helping to put positivity, lightness and warmth into the world, and that is something I feel strongly about doing.

Have you had a memorable connection with someone lately? 

Please comment below sharing your experience and how it made you feel!

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