Why you need to feel the fear & do it anyway

Are you letting fear hold you back from pursuing projects? Are you scared to take that first step? It’s time to feel the fear and do it anyway.

It’s easy to let fear stop us from taking steps towards our goals.

So many people wait to “feel ready” before taking action on projects that are meaningful.

A little news flash for you: you’re never going to be ready.

If you’re waiting to be “ready” in order to take first steps, you’re going to be waiting forever.

Feel the fear:

The first step towards overcoming fear is letting yourself actually feel it.

It’s okay. Really. 

Fear doesn’t make you weak; in fact, feeling fear doesn’t make you anything other than human.

We ALL have fear when it comes to thinking about the unknown and taking action on important initiatives.

Rather than letting self-doubt hold you back, embrace the fact that the fear will always exist.

Fear is always a passenger when embarking upon a creative journey.

Doing it anyway:

When you feel the fear and do it anyway, you make an active decision to not let fear prevent you from doing “the thing.”

It’s deciding to not let fear call the shots.

It’s realizing that you’re never going to be “ready,” and taking that first step anyway.

Because I promise you – the more meaningful the project is, the more fear there is to do it.

You’re never going to be “ready” so why not leap now?

It’s about dancing with the fear; it’s bringing fear with you on the creative journey and not letting it call the shots. 

Don’t be a roadblock to your own growth and success.

Feel the fear, and make an active decision to take steps anyway.

What’s one project that you’ve been avoiding out of fear? 

Share with me in the comments below!

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