Grabbing chances

“Chances multiply if you grab them.”

This past weekend I got the chance to meet, and spend some quality time with, Steve Rannazzisi.

Rannazzisi came to Buffalo to do stand-up at Helium Comedy Club.

steve r

His stand-up routine was clean, relate-able, and hilarious. My boyfriend and I had the good fortune of buying our tickets early enough so that we were in the front row, making the experience all the more memorable.

I had a great time speaking with Steve before his show on Friday night.

After a brief chat, I found out that he was staying at The Hotel Lafayette in downtown Buffalo.

I reached out to him after his show, not expecting a reply; to my surprise, he took me up on my offer to show him around the hotel.

me and steve

I showed Steve around the lobby & apartment complexes of The Hotel Lafayette, we hung out at my apartment briefly & watched the latest episode of The Kroll Show, and then we went to brunch at Butterwood Sweet and Savory which was delicious, and a whole lot of fun!

Steve is extremely humble, thoughtful, and intelligent.

Joel and I had such a great time chatting with Steve; we got to learn more about him as a person and also got the chance to find out what his experience has been like working alongside the tremendously talented cast and crew of “The League.”

me joel and steve

Not many people are lucky enough to have a job that they love.

I not only love my job, but am lucky enough to work in a role that provides me with new and exciting opportunities, such as interviewing, which challenge me on a daily basis.  

I never would have thought that one day I would get the chance to interview, meet, and dine with one of the actor-comedians I admire most.

Meeting Steve Rannazzisi was an experience that I will always remember, and I feel extremely grateful to my incredible team of co-workers at The Buffalo News and Buffalo.Com for helping provide me with such an incredible opportunity.

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