Pure mazel

I attended Nana’s funeral, or celebrated her life (as I like to think of it), on January 9, 2014.

20140110-113137.jpgThe fact that I was able to be in New York to do so was largely up to chance. (See: Buffalo blizzard)

I was fortunate that the polar vortex hit exactly when it did.

Even a few hours of a delay in the storm’s arrival would’ve meant that my flight got cancelled.

Lucky for me, I just happened to book one of the few flights of the day that didn’t end up cancelled or delayed.

It’s not lost on me that there were other people with friends and families in need, appointments to keep, parties or even funerals to attend, etc…

It pains me to think of the people who had to miss events that they wanted to attend because of the storm, because there is nothing as beautiful as the feeling of not wanting to be anywhere other than where you are in that exact moment…you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Last week’s blizzard meant that thousands of people missed moments that they wanted to be a part of. They were deprived of the ability to be at the places they wanted to be because something bigger than them, Mother Nature, had a different plan.

Their reasons / needs / desires to make their flights and arrive at their desired destinations were no less important than mine. I just got lucky.

“Pure mazel” as Lil would say.

These moments, when it seems like the stars have aligned perfectly, are rare.

Don’t take them for granted. Notice them when they occur and revel in the beauty.

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