Silver linings

Within the past year, I’ve become very good at finding silver linings.

Everything that I have experienced throughout this past year has shown me the value and importance of always having a positive outlook, regardless of the situation.

Optimism is a choice. You decide how you want to look at things.

You control your perspective on life’s events.

Sometimes our attitude is the only thing that we actually do have control over.

Making the choice to focus on the negative usually doesn’t lead to a positive outcome. It usually leads to stress, anxiety or depression. Making the choice to look on the bright side usually leads to our feeling more optimistic and hopeful.

I believe that regardless of how crappy a situation is, there is always a silver lining.

It might not come easily to you. In fact it might take weeks or months for you to see it, but if you search hard enough you can find it.

silver liningConsidering how much better we feel when we adopt the ‘half-full’ perspective, I find it interesting that we often make the choice to see the glass as half-empty.

Why do we choose to wallow?

Why do we enjoy focusing on the worst case scenario?

I really don’t know but I do believe that we would all be happier if we challenged ourselves to find the silver lining.

When things don’t go the way you hoped for and you’re feeling bummed, take a moment to step back from the situation, take a deep breath and flip your attitude.

Dealing with life’s obstacles becomes much easier when we make the choice to find the silver linings that, while sometimes hard to find, are always hidden somewhere.

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