Time is precious

Goodbyes are the worst, right?

My dad visited me in Buffalo last weekend and it while it was wonderful, it went by all too quickly.

me and dad2It seems like every time I have a visitor, the weekend ends just a few short moments after it starts.

Living in Buffalo, and having my friends and family visit so sporadically, has made me realize how quickly time slips by.

The bad news? The weddings, the birthdays, the concerts and celebratory dinners – they all go by quickly, leaving only memories (and photos) to bring us back to those incredible moments.

The good news? The bad days filled with bad news, sickness and sadness pass by quickly too, meaning we never have to wait too long for that next great moment, day or weekend.

What seems more apparent to me with every passing year is that every moment spent with loved ones is precious.

I try to make the most of my days by taking advantage of the opportunities and the company that keep me living in the present.

Why? Because I believe we spend too much time living in the past or the future.

When you’re living in the past, or projecting into the future, it’s much harder to realize everything incredible about the current moment you’re actually living in.

Time is precious, which is why it’s so important to make the most of it – to engage in hobbies, to spread joy to others, to challenge yourself and to tell the ones you love how you feel.

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