Tackle your next project with Trello

As a small business owner, you’re never at a loss for things to do.

Whether it’s bookkeeping, blogging or networking, you’re always going to have another task that’s waiting to be completed.

Thanks to Trello, it’s easier than ever to stay organized and on top of your ever-expanding to-do list.

Trello is available on your desktop and they also have an app, making it easy to manage tasks on the go.

Trello (even the free version!) has a number of features and capabilities that make it easily customizable to your needs:

  • Boards: start organizing all of your tasks by creating boards to represent different categories. For example, I created a board for my new website to stay organized on all of the different moving parts such as transferring my subscribers from my old blog and setting up redirects. This board was shared with my web developer, making it easy for us to communicate and stay on the same page. I also have a separate board for my business tasks and blog. You can also add stars to your boards so that they show up at the top of your Trello dashboard.
  • Lists: You can make multiple lists for each board you create. For example, on my business tasks board, I have separate lists for my financial and content creation tasks. I also have separate lists for each of my clients on my clients board.
  • Cards: Cards function as your actual to-do item. Once you create a card, you can click on it to see it’s entire content and options. You can add images, checklists, and details for each item. You can also add due dates to each card, and assign cards to different members of your team. This helps everyone stay on the same page in regards to who is responsible for what. Another great feature is the reminders; you can have Trello send you email reminders for overdue tasks or when someone mentions you on a card.
  • Labels: For even more organization, you can create labels to add to your various cards. For example, I created a label named “Julia’s tasks” so that when I am sharing a board with a client or collaborator, it is clear to see which cards I am responsible for completing.

Seeing as how I am someone who gets straight up giddy over organization, Trello has quickly become one of my favorite tools.

Do you use Trello for your project management? 

Comment below sharing your favorite project management tools!


  • Donna Jornsay says:

    I think this could be very helpful for me with my various consulting projects. I’ll have to look into it. Thanks for the idea.
    Love you,

  • Brad Rach says:

    Hi Julia,

    I’m glad that you’re enjoying using Trello, I also use it from time to time. I’ve seen complex software development projects run on Trello, but I think its far better used in the context you are suggesting: as a tool for small business owners.

    Thanks for the insightful post 🙂

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