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I’ve never been the type of person who judges someone based on their age.

I don’t think that the number of years you have been alive is an accurate indicator of how old you are.

I believe that as individuals, we are composed of so many ages; our emotional age, our spiritual age, our physical age, our comedic age… I tend to define age by the youthfulness of one’s spirit rather than the year stated on their birth certificate.

Both my father and my grandmother have played a large role in shaping my viewpoint on youth and age.

My grandma Lily is a prime example of how the number of years you have been alive is not the best representation of how old you are.

Yes, my grandma has lived for 90 years; but to me, she isn’t 90 years old. If I had to estimate her average age in numbers, I’d say she’s about 50. Her body might be 90, but her mind, heart and spirit are just as young as mine.

She still gets up every day and goes for a walk, even if it means doing laps in the hallway of her apartment due to inclement weather. She reads the newspaper every day and keeps up with current events. She puts on jewelry and a bit of makeup, and still dresses in a way which (she feels) keeps up with current style trends.

grandma lil

My grandma is an active advocate for climate change; she lights up when you bring up the subject.

She cares for the world and the environment in a way I’ve rarely seen among the elderly.

My grandma is realistic; she stresses that her passion and concern about climate change stem not from her concern for her immediate future, but rather from her concern for the health & well-being of my future children.

My grandma has set such an incredible example of the power of positive thinking. She hasn’t fully accepted that she’s an “old lady”; I think that is one of the reasons why she is still alive, and still with it, today. I credit my grandma for helping me recognize the power that our mind has over our body.

If I am fortunate enough to live to the age of 90, I hope to be as young as my grandma is now.

So, If you had to put on a number on your average age, what would it be?

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