How to follow your joy instead of expectations

Do you find yourself doing things out of a sense of expectation? Do you have a hard time spending your precious time on things you want to do?

It’s easy to fall into the “just because” mental trap.

We often take action from a sense of obligation rather than a sense of desire.

We tell ourselves that we should be on Snapchat just because that’s where younger demographics are spending time.

We think we should be creating video content just because that’s what’s popular in 2017.

Just because most entrepreneurs have a website doesn’t mean you need to build a website for yourself if you hate websites.

It’s easy to fall into the “just because” trap, but I want to give you permission to follow your joy.

Follow joy vs. expectations

When you act from a sense of expectation or obligation, you don’t often have fun doing it.

It’s boring.

However, when you follow your joy, it’s clear to see.

When you do what you love, you bring an energy and enthusiasm to the process. 

“Just because” is no way to live; it leads to disappointment and complaints.

When you follow your joy and embrace work that you enjoy, you show up as your best self.

Isn’t that what we all want to do, anyway? Bring our best self to every project we participate in? 

Just because others are up to something doesn’t mean you need to do it too.

The only place there’s room for “just because” in your life, is doing something
just because you want to.

Use your autonomy to live the life that you want and stop “shoulding” all over yourself.

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