How to Put Positivity Out into the Universe

Do you believe in manifestation? If you do, it’s important that you start to put positivity out into the universe.

Jen & I have a tremendous case study of just how important it is to do so.

When you send out good vibes into the world, those intentions work like a boomerang. Positivity and goodness seem to come back to you in spades.

This has never been more apparent than with Jen’s move to Buffalo.

The fact that Jen is now living in Buffalo is a testament to what can happen when you stay positive and do the work.

Putting out positivity:

Before making the move in July 2018, Jen had wanted to move to Buffalo for eight years. She’d visit me from Long Island and return every time talking about how badly she wanted to live here.

However, the timing just wasn’t right at that time.

Fast forward to summer 2018; she was ready to make the move.

She started to change the story that she told herself about moving to Buffalo.

I recognized that Jen wasn’t using definitive language. I encouraged her to make a shift in the way she spoke about things. As a result, Jen stopped saying “I want to” move Buffalo and started saying “I’m going to” move.

That small shift changed everything.

Moving to Buffalo went from a dream to a reality, and she put in the hard work to make it happen.

She started writing “I am going to move to Buffalo” every day in her gratitude journal.

She put out positivity into the universe, and the universe responded to allow her to make the move.

In a matter of a few days, Jen lined up a killer job at Evergreen Health and a dream apartment located just three minutes away from mine.

This story serves as a tremendous case study of how powerful it is to send out positive vibes. 

“You’re responsible for the effort, not the outcome,” Jen shared in our Socialmerk video about this.

It comes down to applying high intention to whatever it is we do.

When you show up for yourself and put in the work, amazing things happen. 

Do you have a similar story to share? 

I’d love to know how the universe is working for you!

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