How To Redefine The Word “Selfish”

Do you have a hard time putting yourself first? Do you feel selfish when you do things for yourself?

I think it’s time to redefine the word “selfish”.

I think it’s time to allow ourselves to take care of ourselves without feeling guilty.

I’d love to see a shift in the way we view the word selfish; a shift from negative to neutral.

Doing something for yourself isn’t a bad thing.

In fact, I believe that being selfish can be a very important thing.

Why selfish is good:

I’d like to offer up a suggestion for a word change from selfish to self-serving.

Giving to yourself isn’t a bad thing; it’s important because it fills up your cup.

It’s necessary to maintain your mental health.

You can’t pour from an empty cup; if you don’t serve yourself, you have nothing to give others.

I know that when I serve myself by going to a yoga class, I end up being better able to serve others around me because I feel full.

When my heart is full, I am operating in the best version of myself.

When we’re operating at our optimal selves, we show up better not just for ourselves but for everyone around us.

In fact, I think it’s selfish to not serve yourself.

I think it’s detrimental to not take time for self-care.

If you aren’t taking time to yourself, you’re going to burn out.

If you burn out, you’re depriving everyone that loves you of the opportunity to spend time with your best self.

That doesn’t seem fair, does it? 

Rather than viewing self-care as selfish, I think we should see it as self-serving. 

Let’s give ourselves permission to prioritize ourselves.

Let’s take more time to find the things that fill up our cups and DO that.

What do you think? Share your perspective in the comments below!

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