It’s a choice

So much of what happens in life is beyond our ability to control.

Natural disasters happen. Couples break up. Lay-offs occur. People get sick… There are endless combinations of external circumstances that affect our day-to-day lives.

For those of us who enjoy the feeling of control, it is only natural that we feel challenged by these situations.

Sometimes we attribute this discomfort to aspects of our lives which we have autonomy over.

Sometimes we scramble to hang on to the little things that give us that sense of control back.

Sometimes we throw our hands up and say ‘to hell with it’.

The point is, it’s a choice.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with life’s challenges. We choose how we want to respond to our current circumstances.

We will never have complete control over what happens in our lives. But we will always have control over our perspective.

We will always have a choice of the path we take to overcome the obstacles that are placed in front of us.

One of my quirkiest and wisest friends told me “You don’t have to learn to let go of control… You can change your perspective. The calmer you are in crazy situations, the more control you have. Just keep that in mind.”

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