Meeting Warren Buffett

It’s not every day you get to meet Warren Buffett.

However, when you work at The Buffalo News, sometimes you have the good fortune of being invited to celebrate the career of Stanford Lipsey.

me and warren buff

If you were a complete stranger to the world of business, upon meeting Mr. Buffett you’d never know that he’s a self-made, philanthropic billionaire.

Warren Buffett is a brilliant and humble man. 

The fact that he flew all the way to Buffalo to share in the celebration of Stan Lipsey’s career speaks volumes about his character.

It shows his level of loyalty and dedication as both a business partner and a friend. 

Buffett also has a great sense of humor. 

Not only did he make a hilarious, fake proposal to my coworker (which had us all cracking up), but about two hours after meeting him in person, I happened to turn on an episode of The Office in which he makes a very funny guest appearance.

buffet proposal

Stanford Lipsey’s Career and Leadership celebration was a great event.

It was wonderful to be alongside my coworkers in honoring such an established and respected man in the community and the world of business.

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