Question your limits and act as if

Today’s challenge as part of the 30-Day Bravery Challenge is to act as if.

Act as if there are no limits.

Greg Faxon, the creator behind this 30-Day Bravery Challenge, mentioned that we often hold ourselves back by telling ourselves, “I’m not that type of person.”

Today is about questioning that belief.

Today is about asking: “but what if I were?”

Today, I am challenging myself to question my limits and act as if they didn’t exist.

I know that in order to reach my goals and become the person I strive to be, I’ll have to be brave and take a leap of faith.

In order to change, we have to try something new — and we can/will never know whether or not it will work out until/unless we’ve tried.

I recently wrote a blog post that echoed this same sentiment. My goal in writing that post was to encourage people to question the limits they place on themselves on a daily basis.

It’s empowering to ask yourself: what would I do if failure wasn’t an option? What would I do if I was the most successful entrepreneur? What would I do if I was the most relaxed person I knew?

Today’s challenge is to act as if you are already the type of person that you want to be.

So, who do you want to be? What change do you want to create?

Here are a few steps to help you get started:

  1. Think about something you want to do but have told yourself is impossible.
  2. Question that impossibility belief by asking yourself “what if that reason didn’t matter?” and take action as if it didn’t.

When you question your limits, you create more opportunities for yourself – for dreaming; for making change; for discovery, and for growth.

It’s a lot easier to become the person you want to be when you throw away the beliefs that were only serving to hold you back.

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