Ruckusmakers bubble

Ruckusmakers weekend was a little bit like living in a bubble.

(We essentially were confined in a small place, with little interaction with the outside world.)

I didn’t think about work email or home duties – not because I didn’t want to – just because it didn’t come up. There wasn’t time for that.

IMG_5942My mind was focused on my passion project(s) and I was consumed and overwhelmed to learn and immerse myself in what others in the bubble were working on.

It was a bubble filled with energetic, hard-working dreamers who are looking to change the world through passion. 

It was a bubble without armor, filled with honest feedback, interest and insight into your work.

It was a bubble filled with respect for openness and rawness.

…it was a bubble that I honestly wish I could stay in forever — but since I can’t, I’ll “settle” for the incredible memories, ideas and friendships that I was fortunate enough to culminate while in it.

I’ll never forget the impact that this weekend had on my spirit.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all of my fellow Ruckusmakers.


  • lfelderman22 says:

    My favorite line of this blog is “I’ll never forget the impact this weekend had on my spirit.” You so perfectly captured the essence of this weekend. It was amazing to be apart of this bubble that is so special and unique. I have never been a part of something so real and so beautiful and I am forever grateful for meeting you and the other Ruckusmakers.

  • henkaajo says:

    Couldn’t have said it better. Thank you for watching my magic dress show Julia! I’m excited to see the magic you put out to the world too! XOXO

  • Luis Vázquez says:

    Yes! You described it perfectly.

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