Small wins 

Small wins lead to big wins.

In order to reach a goal, it is crucial to create small steps to get there.

Small wins help you maintain the drive you need to continue working towards bigger goals.

For example, I want to build up my core strength and ideally, my goal is to practice yoga every day. 

So, in order to reach that goal by September, I have created a few mini goals to get there: 

  • Go to yoga 17 days during the month of February
  • Go to yoga 18 days during the month of March
  • Go to yoga 20 days during the month of April

By setting smaller goals that I can work towards, and accomplish, I’m creating the confidence in my ability to one day achieve my goal of daily practice. 

Another important part of setting, and reaching, goals is creating a reward system.

For me, this was easy since the yoga high that I experience after practice is my immediate reward. Making it to a yoga class provides me with instant gratification.

However, not all goals do that.

For example, another goal of mine is to be more connected to my personal network.

In order to reach that goal of increased connection, I’ve set myself a goal of having 7 lunches per month with my peers or mentors. 

This goal is harder for me to reach because it requires planning and time away from the office. Sometimes, on a busy day, it’s stressful for me to take time outside of the office to see a friend — but it’s always worth it. 

Creating small wins goes a long way in building not only your confidence, but your desire, to achieve your long-term goals.

By creating small wins, you set yourself up to succeed.

So, I challenge you think about what some of your long-term goals are, and write them down somewhere. 

Then come back to this post and share with me, in the comments below, how you plan to create small wins to get there! 

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