Why I Attended SMMW19: The World’s Largest Social Media Conference

To say that I enjoyed SMMW19 would be a major understatement.

Getting to represent Telesco Creative Group at the world’s largest Social Media Marketing conference was a major highlight of 2019.

It was incredibly exciting because I’ve wanted to attend Social Media Marketing World for years.

March 2019 marked my first time in San Diego and as an attendee at the conference.

Why SMMW is amazing:

This conference had been on my radar for years prior to my attending.

Social Media Examiner is my favorite industry resource, so I knew that the conference would be special.

My goal in attending the conference was to meet as many industry folks as possible and walk away with ideas and inspiration to implement for our clients.

I walked away with ideas, introductions made and a lot of new industry friends! (Shout out to Jenny, Josephina, and Anthony.)  

There were networking parties and literally dozens of sessions to pick from.

If you want to learn about AI, Twitter, Pinterest Ads, Facebook funnels or InstaStories, this was the place for you!

The top experts from all of the various social media platforms were there to share their knowledge and go deep on a variety of topics.

In fact, there was SO much value that I won’t even try to summarize the takeaways in this blog. (I did write a blog for the agency detailing my top takeaways. I’d recommend checking it out!)

The aspect of the conference that was most mind-blowing was the energy.

I felt like a kid at summer camp, buzzing with excitement, surrounded by new friends. 

Social Media Marketing World feels like a family reunion.

Value-bombs galore:

Value-bombs were dropped left and right at this conference.

For instance, if you’re not using InstaStories and/or video, you’re going to fall behind. Value-based, human-centric marketing is what works today.

When you can provide value and be yourself, you set yourself up for the best chance for success.

Brian Fanzo is probably one of the people in the industry that does the best job at this. (You’ll have to watch the video embedded above to see what I mean.) 

When it comes down to it, the more open-minded you are, the better off you’ll be on social media.

Social media is social! Be human; respond to your DM’s and invest time in building relationships with people.

Despite the fact that it was a social media conference, I couldn’t believe HOW social people were.

Yes, we all love our tech but we were there to create connections in PERSON! All of the new friends that I made are planning to go back next year.

If that doesn’t speak to the value of the conference, I don’t know what does.

Will I see you at SMMW2020? I sure hope so!

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