How To Change your InstaStory Highlight Covers

Do you want to step up your Instagram game? It’s time to use InstaStory Highlights!

When you customize your InstaStory highlight covers, you add more branding and professionalism to your profile.

Using highlights on InstaStories is also a great way to showcase what your brand is about.

InstaStories are huge; InstaStory content gets more visibility than regular post content does to the feed.

That’s why I’ve gone all in on Instagram and InstaStories.

Branding your content:

Having a color scheme and font is important in order to establish a look for your brand.

If you want your content to be immediately recognizable as yours, you need to have branding elements.

InstaStory highlights are a perfect place to showcase that brand look.

Using your colors and fonts to create icons for your highlight covers will help you stand out on Instagram. 

If you want to grow your personal brand, you have to have a look for it.

You want your feed to be beautiful and inviting.

When highlights were first rolled out for InstaStories, you needed to add a photo to your highlight in order to turn it into the cover.

Now, you can add any photo from your camera roll as the icon for your InstaStory highlights!

Watch the video embedded above in this blog post to see the exact step-by-step on how to do this. 

It’s super easy to edit your highlights and add a customized cover photo!

By making your InstaStory highlights branded, you set yourself apart on Instagram.

This will help you grow your klout and community!

What do you think? Share your thoughts on Instagram below!

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