How to use video to inspire your audience

Video is an incredible tool if you’re looking to educate, entertain and inspire your audience online.

In fact, according to Mike Stelzner (from Social Media Examiner,) 73% of marketers plan to increase their use of video in 2017.

Through video, individuals can create personal connections with their audience despite any geographic barriers.

Video is a powerful medium to share information, feature testimonials, and showcase products. Videos, when embedded into blogs, also add an extra layer of functionality and interactivity to your content.

There is so much value that you can provide to your audience through live video.

Not only is live video interactive, but it’s authentic. (And we all know that authenticity attracts.

Through live video, you can deliver timely calls to action that inspire your audience to act – whether it’s subscribing to your email newsletter or downloading your free guide.

Using video for storytelling:

The most impactful way to inspire your audience through video is to use video to tell stories.

However, before you take a stab at storytelling, it’s important to understand the building blocks to a great video.

As Amy Schmittauer shared during her session for Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Success Summit titled “How to Use Storytelling to Fascinate your Viewers,” she shared three critical building blocks:

  • Brand: before creating video, think about how you want your audience to feel after watching your videos. For me, I want to inspire my audience to take action. I want them to feel empowered. Think about how your audience will explain your brand to their friends; what adjectives will they use? This will drive the vibe of your videos.
  • Missions: now that you have a sense of the tone of voice you’re going to use, think about why you’re creating the videos. What’s your purpose? How can you increase awareness of your brand and offerings through your content? How can you educate your audience on something valuable? Deciding how you want to help your community will drive the type of videos you create.
  • Medium: it’s important to think about the platform you’re creating content for. YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are all different channels and need to be treated uniquely. Get clear first on where your audience spends time; that will be where you prioritize your posting. You also want to decide on how you’ll need to change the content or messaging for the video for each specific social network. You’ll want to customize the experience for each channel.

Regardless of your industry, the videos that get the most traction are ones that educate, entertain and/or inspire.

Focus on providing value and don’t be afraid to ask your audience for support through shares; this will help you grow your audience and awareness.

Through video, you can successfully build your subscriber base and create deeper connections to your online audience.

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