How to do a Spring Cleaning to clean up your social media accounts

Tis the season for spring cleaning, #AMIRight?

Your home and office aren’t the only places that need cobweb cleaning.

If you’re like me, you go months (sometimes, embarrassingly, years) without changing your bios, profile and cover photos. 

With 2017 in full swing, you’ve probably developed some new ideas, thoughts and/or projects.

And now that winter is starting to end, you’ve had enough time to really get started.

Hopefully, you’re building momentum on these initiatives and seeing success.

That means it’s the PERFECT time to give your social media profiles a face-lift!

To ensure that your social media accounts reflect your current mission, vision and values, you need to do a spring cleaning.

You want to refresh the look of your profiles so that it’s aligned with your new business focus; that’s the way to set yourself up for success in a new season.


There are so many elements that make up a strong social media account, from SEO to visuals to hashtags to content creation.

That’s why a thorough spring cleaning on your social accounts takes time, organization and patience.

You’ve got to set aside a few hours (and days,) to clean over the next few weeks because you’ve got a lot to dig through.

I recommend starting this on a Saturday and Sunday so that you don’t have daily distractions popping up as you work.

Planning ahead means taking the time to set yourself up for a successful social sweep.

Get to work:

Now that you’ve carved out the time to clean, it’s time to dive into the four critical areas you’ll want to cover:

  1. Profile & cover photos: When’s the last time you updated your profile photo? While you do want to keep it consistent (for brand awareness,) if you’ve gotten a new haircut or got a new headshot, it might be time to make the swap. You also want to have the same cover photos across all of your social accounts. Think of your cover photo like your billboard; it’s the best place to showcase your mission, vision, and values. It’s also a great place to promote new projects or products you want to introduce to your audience. You want people to have a similar experience when they visit your Facebook and Twitter profiles.
  2. Bios: What do you want to be known for? Your bios should reflect who you are and what you do. Think about the industry, adjectives, and hashtags that you want to seen as an expert in. Fill your bio with those keywords and hashtags, so that your audience knows what you’re all about as soon as they see your profile.
  3. Posting: How often do you post to your different channels? Are you doing live video? Are you posting at the same time of day? Consistency is critical, regardless of the platform. You want to create an expectation among your audience for the type, tone, and frequency of your updates across your different channels. Following a strategy allows you to get consistent, which creates awareness, which drives loyalty.
  4. Analysis: Which platforms are working for you? Are you wasting time on social media? Reviewing the data (reach, clicks, and engagement) of your content will help you determine what’s working. Analyze each platform and see what is helping to drive website clicks. Invest in the platforms your audience spends time, and ditch the channels that don’t lead to clicks or connection.

Ultimately, you want social media to lead to your revenue and content creation goals.

In order to do that, your profiles need to stay fresh and current.

When it comes to social strategy, you’re trying to find the right people, on the right channel, at the right time so that you can serve them the right content. 


Set aside the time it takes to do some spring cleaning on your social media sites so that you set yourself up for success.

Watch the video below and share it with a friend that could use some spring cleaning.

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