How to Be Yourself: 4 takeaways from Brian Fanzo’s Online Course

Do you struggle with how to be yourself online? Are you looking for ways to become more authentic on social media?

Brian Fanzo recently launched his first online course: Be Yourself.

The course, which contains 10+ hours of video content, teaches you how to embrace authenticity.

Through taking the course, you’ll walk away with ideas and inspiration for how to show up as your true self on social media. 

As one of the proud participants of the course, I wanted to share the four main takeaways that I got from it.

How to Be Yourself:

The best thing about being yourself is that it requires no effort.

Literally, all you have to do is show up.

When you show up in an authentic way online, you’re more trustworthy, credible and personable.

Nobody wants to listen to (or watch) someone that’s trying too hard; it’s honestly painful.

If you’re using social media to create content and connections (let’s be honest…we all are,) you want to show up as YOU.

When you show your personality and share your passions, you let people get to know you. That’s how to create real relationships with others online.

4 Takeaways:

I walked away from the Be Yourself course with a LOT of ideas in my head and excitement in my heart.

The course helped me realize just how many opportunities there are to create connections, provide value and make an impact.

Below are the four main takeaways that will enable you to create more engagement and impact on social media: 

  • Share your story: Your audience wants to know who you are, what you care about and how you got to where you are today. Take the time to think about your journey and highlight the key moments. Wrap up those moments into a story that you can share authentically with your fans as a way of providing them more insight into who you are. Sharing your story is a great way to give context for why you’re passionate about what you do.
  • Document your wins: Fanzo mentions the term “Screenshot Awesomeness” which is one of my favorite new terms. It’s all about documenting the highlights throughout your entrepreneurial journey. Take screenshots of testimonials, tweets and kudos you get. Save them in a folder that you can refer back to when you need an extra boost of motivation. These little wins will help remind you why you do what you do.
  • Collaborate with others: Collaborations can be extremely impactful in growing your reach. However, you need to think through each opportunity to ensure it’s a fit. Think through your respective goals, audiences and what your audience loves about you. When collaborating, each party should benefit. The audience should benefit from the collaboration too, in the form of value provided.
  • Leap into live video: Live video is POWERFUL, people! It’s important to use this tool as a vehicle to create connections, establish expertise and share your story. Don’t wait until everything is perfect. Just get started. If you show up with a focus on providing value, your audience won’t care if you stumble over a few words.

When you share your story, collaborate with others, document your wins and leverage live video, you create opportunities.

Take action:

If you’re ready to start showing up on social media as your true self, this course is for you. If you’re NOT ready, this course is also for you – because it’ll help.

Want in? Brian hooked me up with a special offer for YOU!

Use code “Julia” at checkout to get $100 off the Be Yourself course

Got questions about the course?

Leave them in comments below!

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