Providing free value: 3 reasons why it works

Providing free value is one of the best ways to position yourself as an expert in your industry.

One of the most frequently asked questions that I get from people on social media is: why do you share this stuff for FREE? 

The answer is simple: because I can.

Watch the video below and keep reading to learn 3 reasons why it’s worth giving a ton of value to your audience online without charging a penny for it.

Establishing credibility:

Providing free value in the form of blog posts and videos is one of the best ways to establish credibility.

When you give away great content for free, you serve to showcase your skills and expertise.

Posting and sharing high-quality content is a great way to get on people’s radar as someone worth paying attention to.

It doesn’t even have to be content that you produced; sharing good content from others’ will inevitably grow your clout.

However, you definitely take things up a level when it’s content that you’ve created.

When you create epic content (that provides a ton of value to people) you get people wondering the amount of value they’d get if they bought one of your paid products or services.

When someone in your tribe reads an incredible blog post that you wrote and walks away with actionable advice that benefits their business, they leave thinking “holy shit, I wonder what her paid clients get.” 


Giving away great content for free isn’t just great for building trust among your audience; it’s helpful in showing that you care.

When you share awesome advice with your audience, they feel thought of and cared for.

You should your audience that you care about their success.

Through the tips I share on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, you guys can see that I really care about helping you succeed on social media.

Similarly, through my Instagram and Snapchat Stories, you guys can see how much I care about your engagement. I give daily shout outs as my way of saying thank you for engaging.

People like doing business with people who care.

Creating community:

By creating free content for your audience, you can generate a sense of community.

Consistent content creation leads to loyalty, which leads to comfort and closeness.

Creating comfort and closeness among your community is the most valuable thing that you can do. 


Because this community feeds each other – with or without you.

When I hop on Periscope each Wednesday, there’s a conversation happening in the thread that sometimes has nothing to do with me; it’s my fans catching up with each other and exchanging hellos.

When newcomers join, the loyal engagers welcome them with open arms into the community.

It’s honestly a beautiful thing.

If you’re looking to build community, show your fans that you care and grow your credibility online, it pays to provide free value. 

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