Cold temps, warm hearts

There’s something special about living in a city that’s freezing cold, dark, and covered with snow for almost half of the year.

bufflo blizzardNot only do you become hardened to the cold, making every other place on earth feel tropical, but you find amazingly creative ways to stay warm.

I think that for Buffalo, we stay warm with our hearts.

We give.

Buffalo is the city of good neighbors.

Buffalonians band together in the winter.

The sight of someone single-handedly attempting to shovel their car out of a snow bank is a rarity in Buffalo not because it’s hard, but because within a few minutes of trying, someone will offer to give a hand.

That’s what keeps me here, despite these freezing temperatures…

I threaten to leave Buffalo every winter, but then something happens that reminds me of just how warm this city really is.

The people here are unlike those I’ve met in any other city.

Bucky Gleason said it best in his article posted earlier today:

“We like to think it’s a terrific place for reasons you can’t see. It’s a cold-weather city with a warm heart year-round. It’s a passionate sports town, a people town, a humble town with a tough soul that knows how to battle through anything. We’ve been beat up and knocked around in more ways than you could imagine, but we keep coming back.”


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