Where To Find Buffalo’s Best Public Art

Do you love public art? Curious where you can find Buffalo’s best public art?

Come along with me as I take you to the best spot to scope it out!

Here’s a hint: it’s not Allentown.

Here’s another hint: it’s one of the best streets in Buffalo.

Taylor and I decided to take a stroll down the best street in Buffalo if you’re looking for public art.

Hertel Avenue:

Buffalo has so many incredible public art pieces and murals throughout the city, so I joined fellow Buffalo Blogger Taylor Flynn because we were overdue for a catch up. We figured why not catch up while showing off the best art in the city?

Enter, our third collaboration.

There’s no doubt that Hertel Avenue is one of the best streets in Buffalo.

Hertel has tons of shops, restaurants, bars and public art pieces.

Taking a stroll down Hertel Avenue is one of my favorite things to do during the fall, so we figured why not take you with us?

We busted out our cameras and got ready to create content.

I’ll admit, my vlogging skills are a little rusty. I am still getting back into the flow of creating video content after taking a bit of a hiatus from my YouTube channel.

That said, public art felt like the perfect kind of content to record.

The art on Hertel is bright, detail-oriented, colorful and fun to film.

The murals make for epic backdrops for taking pictures, too.

We enjoyed our evening together spent catching up, snapping photos and recording footage along the way.

Heading to Hertel to scope out the art?

Please tag Taylor and I on Instagram and show us your shots! We’d love to see them.

What is your favorite city or spot to find Buffalo’s best public art?

Share in the comments below!

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