5 Tips To Make Your Next Photoshoot A Success

Preparing for a photoshoot shouldn’t feel overwhelming and stressful.

In fact, I think that photoshoots are extremely fun when you do your due diligence to take the time to prepare for it.

In order to have a successful photoshoot, it takes more than merely showing up in front of the camera.

As a content creator who has been taking photos for years, I’ve learned a number of tips along the way that have helped me to feel more calm, confidence and comfortable in front of the camera.

Here are 5 tips to make your next photoshoot a success:

Julia posing in parking garage

Picking The Outfit:

You don’t want to wait until the day-of the photoshoot to decide what outfit you’re going to wear. Trying on a multitude of outfits before a shoot can create a lot of stress, overwhelm and chaos. Instead, you’re better off picking the outfit out ahead of time, ideally a few days before the shoot.

Take a look at the weather and find something that will be comfortable.  Clothing that makes you feel comfortable AND confident is the best because this is what will allow you to truly feel most like yourself in front of the camera.

Plan Locations:

Just like with your outfit, you don’t want to wait until the day of to decide where you’re going to have your photoshoot. Take time prior to the photoshoot to determine some neat spots in your area that you think could suit the shoot that you’re doing.

For me, I knew that I wanted a natural background, so I made it a point to pick two locations: the Buffalo history museum and a parking garage in downtown Buffalo. I knew that these two spots would have a natural background that would let my outfit, and smoothie, pop. Having your locations set beforehand will allow you to be efficient and productive for the content creation session.

Bring A Buddy:

One of my biggest tips for any photoshoot is to have a friend with you. Bringing a buddy will make the photoshoot more fun AND help ensure that you get the exact content that you want.

Julia double-fisting squeeze smoothies

The best part? Neither of you need to be a professional photographer! You just need to be a good art director; this means telling the person taking your photos exactly what you’re looking for.

Sometimes, I’ll have my boyfriend stand in a specific spot and I’ll take HIS photo first and show it to him as an example of the specific angles and framing that I’d like. This is hugely helpful for folks that aren’t natural photographers.

Going into the shoot with a clear vision (as the model) will make the job of the photographer so much easier.

Have A Shot List:

In addition to planning your outfit and location ahead of time, you also want to create a shot list. A shot list is a list of all of the specific types of photos you’d like to capture during your photoshoot.

For my shoot, I knew that I wanted some photos with a smoothie and some without. I wanted some photos of my being goofy and showing my personality, and some that felt a little “more serious.” I also knew that I wanted the framing of the shots to show my full outfit.

My boyfriend took a few photos and showed me the angle/frame to ensure it was what I wanted *before* we kept on shooting.  Doing this is a huge time-saver for both the photographer and the model, so don’t be afraid to ask the person taking your photos to see a few photos before you keep shooting!

Bring Snacks:

This is probably the last tip you expected in a blog post sharing 5 tips to make your next photoshoot a success, but I’m a big believer in the fact that our energy sets the tone for everything.

If you’re hangry, you’re not going to have fun during your photoshoot. It will be hard to concentrate, impossible to think of new ideas and opportunities for different shots (outside of your shot list) on the spot, and all-around less fun.

Fed people are happy people, so make sure you not only get a good meal in before your shoot, but bring a snack!

It worked out well for me that this specific shoot was centered around a fun giveaway that I’m doing with a local smoothie shop in Buffalo, Squeeze Juicery. So, I had food literally on-hand for the shoot and I can definitely say that sipping a smoothie during the photos, and between locations, helped keep me fueled!

At the end of the day, content creation is supposed to be fun! It’s a way to channel your creativity and show up with confidence and I fully believe that following these tips will allow you to better step into your power and have a more successful photoshoot!

Do you have any tips to add to my list? I’d love to know!

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