How to use The Social Media Content Planning Workbook

Are you a small business owner or online entrepreneur? Do you need help planning ahead for social media?

If you’re not planning ahead on social media, it’s easy to fall behind.

That’s why I created The Social Media Content Planning Workbook.

It was created for those who need a little extra hand getting organized when it comes to a social media strategy.

Breaking down the workbook:

Crafting and scheduling content on social media ahead of time is the only way to stay consistent and strategic.

My workbook helps you do just that. It includes:

  • Recommendations for posting frequency
  • A list of topics to post about on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • A pre-filled worksheet sample page of suggested topics to post about
  • A full-year blank calendar template that you can customize

The workbook will help you think outside of the box to create content that educates, inspires and/or entertains your audience.

It will guide you through the creation of content that is customized to your community.

It will enable you to craft content that keeps your fans coming back to your profiles day after day.

Don’t trust my word for it?

See what Vanessa had to say:

“As somebody who has used a variety of planners off and on throughout the years for various purposes, I was happy to find this one which deals specifically with social media planning and ideas. The sample post calendar finally clicked a few things into place for me, such as ideas about how often to post, and what kind of content to post if I’m feeling stuck for an idea.”

Click here to buy your copy! 

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