Why comparison is the creativity killer & how to stop it

If there’s one thing that kills creativity, it’s comparison.

When we compare ourselves to other, we set ourselves up for depression and disappointment.

The comparison trap is dangerous and very easy to fall into.

Creating comparison:

As an entrepreneur, you’re likely spending hours each week consuming others’ blog posts, videos, Insta Stories, podcasts and websites.

I LOVE to consume other people’s content. (Shout outs to Brian Fanzo & Rebekah Radice.) 

Consuming others’ content leads to new lessons, a different perspective and/or ideas and inspiration. 

However, it also leads to comparison.

It’s inevitable really; when looking at someone else’s creations, you can’t help but be reminded of things you’ve created yourself.

This leads us to measure and compare our own creations and wins against those of others.

Cutting comparisons:

I think it’s time to stop comparing and start creating.

While it’s great to look at and learn from others, nobody knows your goals, mission and audience like you do.

That’s why comparison can be so detrimental.

Comparing your path to others could lead you down a path that will never bring you joy.

Measuring your success against others could inspire you to prioritize platforms that your audience doesn’t even care about.

Rather than looking at what others are doing, it’s time to buckle down and focus.

It’s time to focus on the platforms and strategies that make the most sense for your specific audience, mission and vision. 

I want to see you prioritize the platforms where your audience spends time.

I want to watch you take steps that nobody in your industry has taken before.

I want to help you stop comparing, and start creating. 

Watch my YouTube video and learn how today!

Are you working towards stopping the comparison trap? Have any tactics to share? 

Leave them in the comments below as a way of inspiring others to stop comparing! 

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