The 1 Twitter tool you need to drive more website traffic

Searching for a new Twitter tool that you can use to drive website traffic?

Trying to save time on social media without sacrificing the quality of your content?

When it comes to social media marketing, your content creation doesn’t mean much if it’s not driving people to your site.

Given the number of social platforms that I have a presence on (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube) it’s not easy to stay active everywhere.

Creating quality content takes time, effort and energy — and we are all limited in how much we’ve got.

That’s why I value tools that enable me to be more efficient, without compromising the effectiveness, on social media.

Enter my new favorite Twitter tool: Missinglett_r.


Missinglettr Homepage

Missinglettr is the one Twitter tool you need to start driving more website traffic.

The team behind Missinglett_r is creative and innovative.

They understand that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to capture the attention, awareness and engagement from people online.

Through their platform, they are providing marketers with an efficient and effective way to promote their blog posts on Twitter.

I had the pleasure of sitting down and speaking with Missinglettr’s Founder and CEO, Benjamin Dell, to learn more about the platform and how it can benefit marketers:

Q: Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me, Benjamin.

A: My pleasure.

Q: Can you give me a little background into your experience? What did you do for work, and fun, before starting Missinglettr? What led you to start the company?

A: Although I’ve founded a few startups in the past, my main focus over the last 10 years has been running a web agency here in the UK. During this time we had the pleasure to work with a large number of both national and international clients, from all walks of life.

Most of our work saw us build bespoke web applications, but almost all of the time a blog was involved at some point. It wasn’t long before I started noticing a pattern amongst our clients. Blog posts would be written fairly frequently, but more often than not, our clients would fail to market them properly on their social channels. Every now and again they’d remember to tweet about a new blog post on the day they published it, but that’s usually where it would end. I noticed this pattern with myself as well when I would publish my own blog posts.

We were essentially failing to market our blogs on our social channels, not because we couldn’t or didn’t know how, but because we were human and as humans we’re generally pretty bad at building (and maintaining) healthy habits. In short, we just forgot to send tweets out over a period of time to drive traffic back to our sites.

CEO, Benjamin Dell

CEO, Benjamin Dell

Although I didn’t know at the time what Missinglettr would become, I now knew what the problem was that needed solving.

Q: Definitely. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve seen that same problem creep up with my coaching clients. So, what is Missinglettr’s mission?

A: In short, we care deeply about helping professional bloggers market their content as effectively and as meaningfully as possible. Our goal is to make it super easy to create marketing content so that you can engage with your social audience and drive traffic back to your site.

Our particular philosophy is that if you’ve already invested the time in writing the blog post in the first place, then you shouldn’t have to spend additional time thinking up a whole new sequence of unique tweets or pieces of social content.

Q: AMEN to that, Ben. I know from experience how effective the platform is in saving time, thanks to the fact that campaigns are automatically created when you sync your blog. But for those who are unfamiliar, can you explain how Missinglettr works? What are the steps you need to take to get set-up, and what does the platform do for you?

A: On a high level, Missinglettr will create a unique 12-month social marketing campaign for each blog post that you publish. All you need to do is review and then approve our suggestions. Once approved we then send the content out to your social accounts automatically.


In terms of the process, we’ve spent a lot of time crafting Missinglettr to make using it as simple as possible. Here’s a bit more of a step by step guide:

Once you’ve registered, you simply need to enter the URL of your site (where your blog is hosted). We’re now monitoring your site for new blog posts.

When you publish your next blog post, we automatically run some clever algorithms over the post’s content and start extracting key phrases, sentences and quotes. We also create hashtags, extract any images in your post and create branded speech bubble style images ready with your own quotes in them.

Typically, within about 20 minutes you’ll receive an email from us to let you know that your campaign is ready for you to review. At this point, you can then review the suggested content that we’ve created for you. All you need to do is review our suggestions. Once happy, click approve and we then send that content out to your social accounts over the next 12 months – driving traffic back to your site.

Q: Thanks for that detailed breakdown. I’m sure my audience will appreciate that. So, how many businesses/bloggers are currently using the platform?

A: We have close to 2,000 bloggers using Missinglettr.


Q: That’s great! I noticed that you rolled out a new interface recently, which I love. The platform is super intuitive because it takes you through the process of activating your campaign – from picking the hashtags, to reviewing the imagery and picking the best one, to editing the content and/or timeframe. Can you speak to this new design and why you launched it?

A: Great question and one that has two answers. On the one hand, I’m passionate about constantly reviewing, evolving and improving. This is very much built into our DNA. On the other hand, the first version of Missingletrr was originally designed, built and launched in just one week. Of course, the technology has evolved dramatically since our initial launch, but up until a few months ago, the design was still the same design we originally launched with.

The new design reflects our first opportunity to re-think how we believe the interface should look, feel and function – knowing what we now know about Missinglettr and how our customers like to use it. Plus, it’s just fun to re-design 🙂

Q: That makes a lot of sense. I really like the direction you’re moving in. What would you say the biggest benefit is to using Missinglettr?

A: You no longer have to remember to create drip social marketing campaigns for your blog posts – because let’s be honest, we almost always forget to maintain the habit. Missinglettr takes on the responsibility of creating your social content and sending it out over a longer period of time.


Think of Missinglettr as your own social media marketing assistant 🙂

Q: I love it! I mean, it has definitely saved me a ton of time! So, I’ll admit – I’m still using the free version because I only write one blog per week. However, I know you have a paid version. Can you speak to the pricing and benefits that come along with your paid product?

A: Tisk tisk – but seriously, we love the fact that our free users are getting a ton of value out of Missinglettr. Of course, we hope that one day you’ll become a paying customer, but until then, we want you to get a lot of value from the tool.

Our paid plans enable you to unlock a number of premium features: being able to upload custom images to your campaigns, adding past articles and enhanced branding customizations.

If you’re just starting out and trying out the Missinglettr technology, then the Free plan is going to be more than perfect for you. Over the coming months though, we’ll be launching a number of features that will be exclusive to paid plans – so hopefully we’ll be able to make it an easy decision for you to upgrade – but if not, that’s great – we love all of our users 🙂

Q: That’s a wonderful philosophy. I definitely think I’ll upgrade to the paid version soon to take advantage of those new features! Is there anything else you want my audience to know about Missinglettr? Any takeaways you’d like to leave people with?

A: If you have a blog and feel that you could be getting more out of your social marketing efforts, then give us a try. I love helping our customers get set up. So, if you need any help, you can always reach me directly at [email protected].

It’s easy to understand why Missinglettr is my favorite Twitter tool.

The team at MissingLettr is committed to quality, innovation and customer service – three things that all social media marketers value deeply. 

I am a proud user of the tool and have definitely seen the benefits of using it to drive traffic to my blog.

I love that each Monday, I get an email from them letting me know that my campaign is ready to review; this has enabled me to get into a healthier habit of content promotion.

So, what do you think of the tool? Are you going to give Missinglettr a try as a Twitter tool for driving more traffic to your website?

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