See Inside Buffalo’s first Climbing Center: Central Rock Gym

Do you like rock climbing?

It’s an exciting day for climbers in Buffalo because Central Rock Gym opened in downtown Buffalo.

Gone are the days of only going to Niagara Climbing Center.

Hey, nothing against NCC but Central Rock puts it to shame.

Rock climbing is a totally new sport for me and I’ve gotta say that I’m loving it so far.

Rock Climbing 101:

Rock climbing – the classic definition – involves ropes. Bouldering doesn’t.

Bouldering is essentially rope-free rock climbing. That’s what I’ve been into.

I really enjoy the exercise because it’s similar to yoga in that it’s physical and mental.

Of course, it’s a physical work out. You’re using your hands and forearm muscles in ways that you never typically would.

What’s surprising is the depth of the mental work out involved in this sport.

You’re working your mind because you’re constantly aware of the fact that you’re getting higher off the ground with each step.

Bouldering is like puzzling; you’re searching for the best route.

The best climbers use their strategic and visual brain to map out the route before they even get on the wall to climb it. 

It’s really incredible to watch advanced climbers do their thing on the wall.

Tips for newbies:

If you’re new to climbing like me, there are a few things you should know before starting.

  • Breath: Just as you do in yoga, you need to keep your breath steady when you’re climbing. You don’t want to lose your cool at the top.
  • Flexibility: Flexibility is also hugely helpful. The more flexible you are, the better climber you’ll be. Try to keep your hips, and entire body, as close to the wall at all times as possible.
  • Shoes: Climbing shoes aren’t comfortable. You want your shoes to be tight. Like, uncomfortably tight. If your climbing shoes fit like a sneaker, they are too loose.
  • Chalk: Meet your new best friend. Climbing is tough on your hands. I promise that you’re going to get scraped. You might bleed. Pile on the chalk.

Just like with any sport, the more you practice, the more comfortable you get. I definitely see myself getting more confident with each time I return to the gym.

I also see this sport as having the potential to because super addictive.

There is something incredibly empowering about making it to the top of a wall that you think you couldn’t climb.

This sport makes you push yourself both physically and mentally.

Every time I push myself at the gym and hit a new route, I am overwhelmed with adrenaline and confidence. 

The confidence and determination only serve to build on each other. For instance, I started on V0 and V1 and after three times of going to the gym, I’ve already moved up to level V2.

Have you gone climbing before?

Share your favorite gyms or techniques below!

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