How To Embrace Femininity: Buffalo Beauties Unite

Let’s talk about how to embrace femininity, shall we?

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, it should come as no surprise to you that I’m interested in women’s empowerment.

I’m into lifting others up.

I want to create a platform where women feel comfortable and confident in speaking openly. Through being vulnerable in my content, I hope to create a sense of community.

My passion for creating community is what led me to say “yes” to the opportunity to unite with fellow boss babes in Buffalo for a women’s empowerment campaign. 

We gathered together to model some pieces carried by Jolie Jolie and have a discussion on what femininity means to us.

Plus, we got to flex our muscles and model for the camera! You know that I’m all about stepping outside of my comfort zone, so it was a no-brainer.

Coming together to embrace femininity:

Seeing as how the group was comprised of such different women, everyone brought something unique to the table. We each have different body types, career paths, backgrounds, and interests.

The goal was for all women to feel represented – regardless of body type or skin color.

The seven of us gathered for Heather (the owner of The Black Birds Photography) to take our pictures in our Jolie pieces which Josephine (the owner of Jolie Jolie) picked out for us.

It wasn’t about getting pictures of us. It was about showing up as our empowered selves and feeling beautiful.

We wanted to show the behind-the-scenes of being an empowered woman that works hard.

Champagne was sipped, stories were shared, and friendships were formed. 

Just like lingerie, confidence starts underneath.

For all of us, this photo shoot was outside of our comfort zone.

Each of us challenged ourselves to be brave and do something we wouldn’t normally do: pose in our underwear.

JUST the act of challenging ourselves was hugely empowering – especially because we did it in the company of other women.

When we surround ourselves with incredible women and wear items that make us feel beautiful, we have the ability to step into our power. 

Have you ever done a boudoir photo shoot or a shoot with other women?

Share your experience and thoughts in the comments below!

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