We’re resilient

My friends and family have gone through the emotional ringer lately.

Someone I know or love has passed away every month since the start of the new year, and 2013 wasn’t necessarily much better.

There were times throughout the past year when I acted like the life of my own pity-party.

I wondered how everyone else could go about their routine when my world felt like it was spinning beneath me; when my heart felt too broken to beat.

The reason we’re able to keep going is that we’re resilient.

We all get thrown by life.

Most of us have the strength, even when we think we have none, to pick ourselves up and keep going.

Our attitude, combined with the depth and reliability of our support network, plays a huge role in our ability to bounce back when life sucker-punches us.

Our support network is especially important because some things are just too big or messy to deal with alone.

This past year has made me more grateful than ever for my incredible support network.

That’s what friends are for — to be there for you to cry, laugh, vent and, most importantly, remind you how strong and resilient you really are.

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