What You Do When Your Best Friend Moves To Your City

Do you live in the same city as your family or best friend?

For the last 11 years living in Buffalo, my answer to that question was “no.”

Well, that recently changed when my childhood best friend Jen decided to move to Buffalo in July!

It was a long time coming, as Jen has been in love with Buffalo for years. Every time she’d visit me, she’d leave saying “I really should move here.” 

Her last visit was pretty transformational and allowed for all of the pieces to fall into place from finding an apartment (that’s just 3 minutes away from mine!) to getting an incredible job offer at Evergreen Health!

Why Buffalo, NY:

For the last 11 years, Buffalo has treated me unbelievably well. I love living here, as evidenced by the fact that I’ve been here for over a decade without any close friends or family in the area.

There are so many benefits that I experience living in Buffalo; the sense of community, the ability to make a name for yourself professionally, the low cost of living, to name a few.

Not to mention, the amazing arts, culture and culinary scene in the city.

These were just a few of the things that sold Jen on the city.

A few more were:

  • Delaware Park: It’s her favorite park in the city, so we went here to record the vlog embedded above which shares in detail exactly what Jen will be doing in her role as Clinical Coordinator at Evergreen Health.
  • The affordability: Food, parking, amenities, literally everything is cheaper in Buffalo than it is on Long Island, which is where we grew up together.
  • The development: Seeing the degree to which Buffalo is developing was such a huge draw for Jen because she could sense the excitement in the city.

I’m so excited that my best friend is going to be able to benefit from these same things and see her quality of life improve as a result of living here.

What city do you live in and what do you think makes it special?

Share it in the comments below! 

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