The Most Remarkable City in the USA: Buffalo, NY

I couldn’t be prouder to call Buffalo, NY my home.

While I didn’t grow up in Buffalo, I came here 10+ years ago for college and completely fell in love.

There are so many things that make Buffalo a remarkable city.

The architecture is incredible; the food scene is stellar; the arts scene is amazing and it has the strongest sense of community I’ve ever come across.

It is the sense of community that gave Buffalo its nickname as The City of Good Neighbors.

As someone that grew up on Long Island, a place with no real sense of community, I was hooked on Buffalo.

Embracing the Buffalove:

Buffalo is special; like, really special.

It’s really a remarkable city.

The strong sense of community makes Buffalo feel like a very small city.

It seems like no matter where you go or who you know, you’re only one degree of separation from someone else. 

There is a strong degree of word-of-mouth in Buffalo; people know, like and trust each other.

When you live in Buffalo, you see the strong sense of community pride that exists.

People are proud to be from Buffalo.

People in Buffalo are genuine; they are hard-working, humble and honest.

When you live in Buffalo, you see just how much people care about bettering the community.

I’ve been proud to feature a number of different Buffalo-based businesses on the blog because it’s incredibly inspiring to be surrounded by people with such heart, grit, and passion.

People in Buffalo are willing to do the dirty work; they’re willing to roll up their sleeves in order to make an impact to strengthen the city.

It is that genuine desire to work hard to better the city that completely captivated me. 

Buffalo has a way of making people feel like they really belong here.

It’s a warm and welcoming city, and I couldn’t be prouder to call it home.

What do you think? Have you visited Buffalo, NY before? 

Share your take on my incredible city in the comments below!

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