Where to find the best poke bowl in Buffalo: Fresh Catch Poke Co.

Fresh Catch Poke Co. is making waves by bringing poke to Buffalo.

For those who don’t know, poke really just means “cubed fish.”

A poke bowl is a deconstructed sushi roll; think high-quality grain (jasmine or bamboo rice,) with fresh fish and vegetables. 

If you’re not like “sign me up!” I’m not sure we can be friends.

Seriously, if I wasn’t concerned about mercury poisoning from too much tuna, I’d eat a tuna poke bowl here every single day for lunch.

The Story:

Given that I fell head over heels for this restaurant after my first visit, I reached out to the owner Michael Tobin to sit down and learn more.

Fresh Catch Poke Co. is the first poke place in Buffalo; I wanted to understand what inspired Michael to bring this kind of cuisine to the area.

After taking a number of trips to the west coast and Asia, Michael felt that Buffalo was lacking something.

In an effort to recreate the kind of cuisine he so enjoyed eating during his travels (in particular, a poke bowl from Santa Monica), he started Fresh Catch Poke Co.

Not only is the cuisine different than that offered by other area eateries, the mission is different too.

There is a serious focus on sustainability and quality at Fresh Catch, and you can taste it in the product. 

I’ve tried a number of different combinations of ingredients and I’ve never left disappointed or hungry. I mean, there are 18+ toppings to pick from!

I’ve also never left feeling overly full, which is a real rarity when it comes to Buffalo-based eateries.

Visiting Fresh Catch Poke Co:

Located in Williamsville, right next to Lloyd Taco Factory, Fresh Catch Poke Co. is a convenient, easy stop for lunch or dinner.

With a variety of fish, 5+ dressings, and 18+ toppings, it’s easy to have a different a different experience each time you stop by the eatery.

Some that I highly recommend are:

  • Jasmine rice with salmon, cucumber, corn, edamame bean and watermelon radish
  • Bamboo rice with tuna, seaweed salad, sprouts, carrot, cucumber and green onion

I had the pleasure of making my own bowl when I visited, which was a total blast. (And harder than I thought it would be!) 

Keep your eyes peeled:

Right now, this is just the baseline menu for Fresh Catch Poke Co.

There are fun events and partnerships in the works that are sure to surprise and delight!

Over the upcoming weeks and months, the menu will be expanding and there will be more offerings for toppings, beverages, and sides!

I am so excited to have had the opportunity to sit down with Michael and share his story in the video above. 

Having a poke place in Buffalo is honestly something that I thought I’d be waiting to see for another year, so I couldn’t be happier.

If you can’t tell, I can’t recommend this place enough!

It’s time for you to grab your coworkers or your friends, and go get your poke on. 

Have you visited Fresh Catch Poke Co. yet? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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