Buffalo Businesses You Need To Know: Evergreen Health

Evergreen Health is one of the most impressive nonprofits that exist in WNY.

Evergreen Health fosters healthy communities by providing medical, supportive and behavioral services to individuals and families in WNY.

The focus of the nonprofit is to serve those who are living with chronic illness OR are underserved by the healthcare system.

It’s an ambitious and beautiful focus, isn’t it? 

As someone with a passion for nonprofits, I was excited to have the chance to learn more about the different services they provide to the community.

Understanding the organization:

Evergreen Health’s Volunteer and Event Coordinator, Rachel Kuhlmann, showed me around the building for my first time.

I was extremely impressed not just with the building but by how much Evergreen actually does in the community.

I mean, they are directly impacting people’s mental health. That’s a big deal.

While their expertise started out in HIV/AIDS, they have developed an expertise when it comes to treating and working with chronic illness and have grown tremendously as a result.

The organization is constantly out in the community running outreach programs and events that help spread the word about their services.

Another neat thing about the organization is the building it’s located in!

Evergreen Health recently had their atrium redone to reflect the values of the organization: open, welcoming and inclusive. 

You really feel those values when you walk through the atrium.

One of the things that I most took away from my tour of Evergreen Health was that the organization truly serves as a one-stop shop for the community.

Simplifying the services:

Evergreen Health provides a wide variety of healthcare services.

They make it easy for those underserved to access the critical care they need.

With a pharmacy on-site, doctors, STI clinic, syringe exchange, mental health counseling and more available, patients have one place they can go to in order to access all of the different aspects of care they might need. 

Most patients are engaged in at least 3 of the available services, showing the importance of the services provided.

Not to mention, Evergreen Health provides pagers for patients so they don’t have to wait around aimlessly!

Patients have the ability to grab a pager when they are waiting for an appointment; this way, they can access other services while waiting.

Bringing it all together:

When it comes down to it, Evergreen Health is playing a critical role in our community.

By providing resources to those underserved by our healthcare system, this nonprofit is making our city healthier and happier.

Watch the entire video on my YouTube channel to learn more about the services that Evergreen Health provides! 

Also, they’re hiring! Apply today if you’re looking for a job.

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