Exploring Allentown Buffalo: the Best Spots to Stop

Allentown is one of my favorite areas in Buffalo.

Allentown has it all – from coffee shops to tattoo parlors to vintage shops.

So, when Nkay & I were figuring out where to head to for our latest collaboration, Allentown was a no-brainer.

Exploring Allentown:

We decided to start the day with brunch at my favorite spot in Buffalo, Betty’s.

If you haven’t been to Betty’s, you need to make this the next spot you brunch at. I’m not kidding.

Betty’s is amazing; the service is fantastic, the food is phenomenal and they’re super accommodating to gluten-free and vegan eaters.

After Betty’s, we decided to walk around Allentown to visit some shops and check out the public art.

If there’s one thing that Allentown is known for, it’s being different. It’s not trendy in the way that Elmwood is.

Allentown has more of that vintage “I don’t give a shit,” vibe. Whereas Elmwood sort of sends that “I’m trying to look cute,” vibe. (Buffalo bloggers, I know you feel me here.) 

If you take a walk down Allen Street, you’ll find: places to eat, tattoo parlors, vintage shops (head shops, used clothing, records,) and bars. That’s pretty much it.

In my opinion, the best spots to stop at are:

  • Betty’s: brunch, lunch, dinner. It doesn’t matter what meal, you won’t leave disappointed.
  • Cantina Loco: good Mexican food; great cocktails.
  • The Dress Shop: amazing vintage clothing store.
  • Hardware: the best bar for dancing.

Not to mention, there are so many gorgeous old houses in the area which makes it a great place to just walk around.

Nkay and I had a blast taking footage of all of the public art that fills the alleyways of this little neighborhood.

Allentown is a great place for those looking to spend a few hours on the weekend walking around a relaxed and interesting part of the city.

What are your favorite spots in Allentown?

Share them in the comments below!

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