Commit to the goal, not the path

If you want to succeed you have to commit to your goal, not the path you’ll take to get there.

When we set out to achieve something (be it building a reputation, a business, an expertise or a relationship,) we typically create a roadmap in our minds for what it will take to get there.

We envision the steps we’ll take along the way, and we start to imagine what the outcome will look and feel like.

Sometimes, it takes tangible things: money, time and manpower.

Sometimes, to reach our goals, we need the intangibles: courage, bravery, resilience and hustle.

Often, it’s a combination of both.

As I’ve been thinking about my goals for Bravery Beats, and for myself in general, I’ve come to realize how easy it is to get distracted.

With everything that comes along with building a business, (legal, insurance, tax, human resources, etc) it’s easy to lose sight of the goal and get muddled down by the details of the steps needed to get there.

At first, I thought there was only one path. I thought there were specific steps I had to take.

I thought that I’d have to get an accountant, hire an attorney, meet with an insurance agent, hire an employee, find an office space and scale.

I thought that my was only option.

…And I did do some of those things. I met with an attorney, incorporated my business and got an insurance policy.

But as I did those things, I started realizing that there are tons of business models.

There’s no right or wrong way to build the business of your dreams.

It hit me: there are endless combinations of paths and steps I could take to reach that end goal*.
*[To do work that I love. To create valuable social media content and campaigns that help businesses attract their audience, build their brand awareness and connect with their customers.]

I realized two critical things:

  1. Building a business and doing the work that the business is known, and hired for, are two different things.
  2. It’s totally normal (and to be expected,) that my feelings about these two very different jobs have changed over the last seven months.

Too often, I think we let our pride get in the way of our ability to make smart decisions.

As soon as I realized that my commitment to the goal was greater than my need to follow one set path, I felt mentally unblocked.

There are so many different ways that I could reach my goal: working with a dynamic, creative team that cares deeply about their clients.

How I get there really doesn’t matter; it’s just logistics.

The name of the company, the location of the office, the title… none of it matters as much as the value and service I want to provide.

The work is what matters. And my happiness.

So, follow along as I take my social media expertise and energy over to Telesco Creative Group to serve as the Social Media Director.

It is through this partnership that both Telesco Creative Group and Bravery Beats will be able to provide a more robust set of services and solutions to our clients.

I’m fucking excited about it.

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  • Fraser says:

    Nice write up! I was wondering how your path led you to this new development. Love the way you put it. Struggling with falling in love with the path instead of the goal affects a lot of ppl I think.

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