How to Leverage Your Unique Brilliance: Try this Exercise

Do you want to stand out online? I’ve got an exercise for you to try that will let you leverage your unique brilliance.

Let’s face it: social media is crowded and noisy. This makes it tough to be seen.

When you leverage your unique brilliance, it’s more likely that you’ll be seen and heard on social media.

When you tap into what sets you apart from everyone else, it’s more likely that you’ll be memorable.

After working with a friend of mine who is a life coach, I learned about an exercise that can help you tap into your unique brilliance.

The exercise:

I wanted to share the exercise with you because it was extremely powerful for me when I did it!

Take the steps below to do the exercise yourself: 

  • Write down a list of 5-7 people: these are people that know you. You really trust them to give you raw, real feedback on your personal and professional behavior and performance. My list included: my partner, my partners, my sister, my mentor and my two best girlfriends. The key: your list should be comprised of people that really know you.
  • Write down the question: what shows up when I do? What do I bring with me to an environment? You’re going to call every person on your list and ask them this one question. The key: have the question written in the same notebook that you’ll record the answers in.
  • Make the calls: You’re going to reach out to every person on your list and ask if they have a few minutes to talk. If they say yes, you’ll ask them that one question and write down everything they say. When they stop talking, you’ll give them one prompt by saying “anything else,” and then write down anything else they have to say. The key: write down their answer without interrupting; you want their real, raw feedback!

What’s amazing about this exercise is it lets you fully tap into what sets you apart from others. 

For me, I learned that my energy and enthusiasm are what set me apart.

By doing this exercise, you get more in touch with how you show up in the world. This lets you leverage that strength so that you can bring it with you everywhere!

I feel more equipped to tap into my energy and enthusiasm after doing this exercise. 

What is your unique brilliance? What did you learn by doing the exercise? 

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