Life is precious

I feel strongly about making the most of every single day.

We only have one opportunity on this beautiful planet, so we’d better make it count.

We’re often reminded of how fragile and cruel life can be, which is why I feel strongly that when you have a good day, you have to revel in it because you can’t guarantee when or if the next one will come.

We should live our good days as if they were our last, because they very well could be.

I know it might seem morbid, but it’s just the truth. All of our days are numbered and we have no idea when our number will be up.

Think about all of the days you’ve lived — have you made them count? If not, start.

Express how you feel when you feel it, especially the positive feelings that spread joy.

Feel grateful? In love? In awe of someone?

Express it — because life is precious, and it can be dark, and it’s up to us to fill it with as much lightness and beauty as possible.

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